IE11 not triggering postbacks

I took the plunge to install Internet Explorer 11 last week after a customer noticed their site (developed and hosted by Advantech Software) wasn't triggering postbacks on one of their pages.

I felt like I only just upgraded to IE10 not that long ago and had a mountain of problems then.

It then began - "the search" to work out why IE11 wasn't triggering these events. We are using Auto Postback events on UpdatePanels to make changes on this page.


After a bit of googling, there was a lot of chatter about Microsoft changing the "User-Agent" of the new browser.

So what you say?

Well, this means that all webservers out there around the world need to make changes to accommodate this new user-agent.

The Good News

I found 2 hotfix's out there that we installed that thankfully resolved the issue.



Unfortunately a reboot is necessary after installed these updates but thankfully, this resolved the problem.

Hopefully this helps someone else out there with the same issue.


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