Help us for a good cause

Hi everyone,

This year, we are participating in The Rio Tinto Ride to Conquer Cancer, a 2-day, 200km cycling event that raises funds for cancer research and treatment. All proceeds from the event go to the Queensland Institute of Medical Research, a world leader in cancer research and one of the largest and most successful medical research institutes in Australia. Last year, they raised an incredible $5.2Million. That's sure to make a difference to help find that cure sooner.


This is the biggest physical event I've ever taken part in (a little scary and nervous to think that I'll be doing a 200km ride!!) but I'm hopefully riding it along with 1800 other participants all for a good cause.
We need your help to raise the funds so that we can participate and contribute to a good cause at the same time. To donate to anyone in our team, you can go to our team page here  and click on any one of the team members to donate to their profile. We each need to raise a minimum of $2500.
I'm really hoping we can find some generous donors to make this journey happen! Thank you :)
Sam & Peter
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