Keeping up

Is it just me or is it a lot of men and women who take time out of the IT industry to have children, only to return to find they are 1 maybe 2 technologies behind?

Having 3 small children under the age of 4 meant I had to take time out of the industry to simply be a Mum. Now, 6 years on, it's definitely a struggle to keep up with such a fast paced industry.

So what have I done to try to combat this problem when I'm very time poor:

  • Definitely get your collegues to share the *love*. :) Have them give you a run down on what new tools, controls, techniques they are using.
  • Have an inhouse wiki or cms that collegues update with code tips, ideas. Check it often.
  • We also send emails to each other when we find something cool to use or have solved a nagging problem. I file these under "Code Tips" in my email and can search this folder quickly.
  • Have a great partner who is also in the IT industry :) I am *very* lucky my husband and business partner is always on the ball and reads alot!

When all else fails, code the way you know. It will get the job done and deliver the solution to the client in a timely manner. It doesn't have to be cutting edge but importantly, you have given the client what they are after and in the most cost effective way possible.

Getting Blogging

Hi everyone,

I'm Sam, one of the developers at Advantech Software. A little about me - I've got 3 beautiful children - Maria, Dean and Zac, I'm a part time mum, part time programmer, part time trying to run a business manager :) Life is very busy but it's great.

This is the first time blogging for me and I hope you enjoy reading our articles to come.

Something we are really passionate about at Advantech Software is trying to offer real world solutions for our clients, something that is going to add value to their business or their client's businesses. We strive to ensure that businesses have a really smooth run with their newly built software, offering quick service and support at all times where possible. It's a great feeling seeing how our software has become an important and critical value add to these businesses.

Till my next article, keep smiling! :)