IE11 not triggering postbacks

I took the plunge to install Internet Explorer 11 last week after a customer noticed their site (developed and hosted by Advantech Software) wasn't triggering postbacks on one of their pages.

I felt like I only just upgraded to IE10 not that long ago and had a mountain of problems then.

It then began - "the search" to work out why IE11 wasn't triggering these events. We are using Auto Postback events on UpdatePanels to make changes on this page.


After a bit of googling, there was a lot of chatter about Microsoft changing the "User-Agent" of the new browser.

So what you say?

Well, this means that all webservers out there around the world need to make changes to accommodate this new user-agent.

The Good News

I found 2 hotfix's out there that we installed that thankfully resolved the issue.



Unfortunately a reboot is necessary after installed these updates but thankfully, this resolved the problem.

Hopefully this helps someone else out there with the same issue.


Pseudo-Css Styles for :hover, :active and :focus

As a web developer, being able to inspect HTML and modify styles and layouts in real-time is extremely powerful. So much so that an extension (like the mighty Firebug) are no longer required to access these great features (amongst a ton of others) with many browsers now making it an inbuilt feature

One area that has always been tricky however are active, hover and focus styles. It doesn't matter what ninja like skills you may posses, you won't be quick enough with your mouse to be able to change the styles (trust us, we have a Kung Fu guru here in our office and he isn't able to do it). Thankfully, where there is a will there is a way (at least in Firefox, Chrome and Firebug).