Microsoft Certified for another year

It's official, we are Microsoft Certified for another year! Woohoo.. the picture says it all (Pete with the Microsoft Partner banner as his superhero cape Laughing)

Flexibility - how far do you go as a developer?

I recently had a situation where a client turned off a key setting in the administration of their system.

Despite there being *VERY* comprehensive security within this system, all users were given Admin privileges and access to all areas.

So my question is this:

QN: Do you not provide access to these settings at all? Do you wait for a support request to come in to make changes for the client?Undecided


Is it worth adding comprehensive security to a system if it's going to be under-utilised?

I am at cross-roads to the way we do things as it is very easy for clients to be lazy and not be strict about security policy in computer programs.

The verdict is out. After your thoughts?



Facebook Marketing - is it worth it?

I recently spent 3 hours on Good Friday listening to a Webinar about Facebook marketing. This person claims that we are all doing it wrong and that they pretty much almost guarantee that you'll get 10 times the return doing it their way.

Well, I didn't really find anything out that I didn't already know about Facebook marketing. Funny how people make all these claims but at the end of spending your public holiday listening to the ramble, you walk away thinking - what did I just learn?

So.. what do I know about Facebook marketing? Here are a few things:

1. Classic Advertising - You can do a classic advert with facebook that appears down the right hand side. You can put in a picture, 25 words of speil and hopefully a title that will grab your audience.

2. Promote a Post - You can "promote" a post you have done on your facebook page - this is by clicking "Promote" from underneath a post.

3. Sponsored Stories - this is the latest feature of marketing within facebook. It appears in your news feed. I guess this one is the most visible right now, but also it is the one that is irritating the most people.


As to which type of advertising is the right one for your business, begs the question of trying the different types out.

Sponsored stories appears to have the most momentum right now as it appears in your newsfeed on your PC, Mac, Mobile Device where as classic adverts only appear when you are using a larger browser.


Pricing - Do you use Clicks or Impressions?

We've tried both.

What did we work out? We found impressions became costly but it did reach a very wide audience. Clicks worked well also. I think it depends on how much you are willing to spend per day and how much return you are getting for your money.


Till the next post where I'll show you how to setup a facebook ad using localities, better search criteria to target on your right audience.



Add folder to favourites

This is something SO easy, yet I can never remember how to do it! So I thought I'd blog about it.

Want to add a folder into your favourites in Windows 7? 

Simply find that folder and drag it up to your favourites! That's it. 




Find unique rows in Excel

I was faced with a problem yesterday where I had a long list of postcodes to load into a shopping cart via the database.

I soon realised that the list I received had many many duplicates in it. So I began the usual sort by postcode and manually deleting duplicates. There had to be a better way, and yet again, Excel delivers so many amazing tools (I probably know only 10% of what it has to offer).

Here is how to only find unique rows in your excel spreadsheet:

  • Load your data into Excel
  • Go to the "Data" menu and click "Filter".
  • Click "Advanced" next to Filter.
  • In the "Advanced" dialog, tick "Unique records only".
  • Click OK and you are done.

You will now have a spreadsheet with unique rows of data. Such a time saver for these tedious tasks.

Hope you find this helpful one day!