Help us for a good cause

Hi everyone,

This year, we are participating in The Rio Tinto Ride to Conquer Cancer, a 2-day, 200km cycling event that raises funds for cancer research and treatment. All proceeds from the event go to the Queensland Institute of Medical Research, a world leader in cancer research and one of the largest and most successful medical research institutes in Australia. Last year, they raised an incredible $5.2Million. That's sure to make a difference to help find that cure sooner.


This is the biggest physical event I've ever taken part in (a little scary and nervous to think that I'll be doing a 200km ride!!) but I'm hopefully riding it along with 1800 other participants all for a good cause.
We need your help to raise the funds so that we can participate and contribute to a good cause at the same time. To donate to anyone in our team, you can go to our team page here  and click on any one of the team members to donate to their profile. We each need to raise a minimum of $2500.
I'm really hoping we can find some generous donors to make this journey happen! Thank you :)
Sam & Peter

Cross platform mobile apps

OrubaseHere's a little bit about what Advantech Software is up to!

We recently purchased Orubase - as the website states:

"mobile application development framework built especially for developing complex
line-of-business mobile applications targeting iOS, Android, and Windows Phone platforms
in the shortest possible timeframe."

So far it's looking really good to get development done for all platforms in the 1 single Visual Studio project. We will start to use this framework in the near future for mobile apps.

As I mentioned previously in one of my blog posts, one of the biggest problems for developers was having to do multiple code sets for the different operating systems for mobile platforms, plus also developing in environments that you are familiar with.

We are hoping Orubase might provide that shining light we are looking for!

Till the next update! :)


Time to look at upgrading from XP

Support for Windows XP will end in a year from now. We still have many clients running WIndows XP.

Could be the fact they are used to it, know their way around, don't like change, it's not broken so why change it? 

Fact is, it's been around since 2001, it probably is time to upgrade. 

Read more here:


Where is the print option?

Windows 8

We installed one of our home printers with Windows 8 for our 6 year old daughter to use.

Says a lot when both parents who are IT people can't find how to print a simple document from the Reader app. Lucky for knowing windows shortcut keys (and they still work), Ctrl + P.

What is going on with this OS? I'm not finding it intuitive at all, but then again I haven't been using it for that long.

Are you going to take the plunge to Windows 8?

Native App or not?

It's becoming an increasingly big topic for development companies as to whether or not we go Native Apps or have a mobile interface that satisfies all platforms and devices?

The latter is the most logical from a cost and developer perspective, but there are nice things about having a native app to use.

So which way do you go? What's your preference?

We currently use a responsive template for all our browser based applications (or if I want to use the buzz word, "Cloud" based apps), and this app caters for the mobile device, tablet, PC, Mac etc. Our clients are happy with this and it takes not a great deal more extra effort to do this.

But then there is Native - it's fast, can have a nice flashy interface, can provide a lot more functionality. But then you have the trouble of the different operating systems - iOS, Android, Windows Phone, Blackberry and more to come I'd say.

There are services like PhoneGap. I personally haven't had any experience with them. Some critics say it's still like having a website but the app is installed natively as the interface only. I don't know but what I can say is they have a very large following, that must mean something!